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Sarah Moore~Sarah Moore Vintage at The Decorative Living Fair

Sarah at The Decorative Living Fair, May 2013.

One of the things I love most about what I do, is the amazing, talented, and downright loverly folk I get to meet. Some “virtually”, some in person, and some I have the privilege of calling friends these days…

Today, meet Sarah Moore, hands & heart behind Sarah Moore Home

Company: Sarah Moore Home (created 2011 – previously Sarah Moore Vintage)
Description: “Vintage designer and writer, Sarah Moore, and her team of extra hands create Sarah Moore Vintage. Sarah is the all time biggest fan of vintage fabric, haberdashery and wallpaper and making mistress of old fashioned and vintage inspired pieces.”
Location: Northchapel, West Sussex

What is the ethos behind your business & the history behind your products…
“We like to make products that are “all good”. We employ local people with as much flexibility as possible to make it easy for them to earn between looking after their children or other commitments. We use vintage and refound materials alongside wholesome modern supplies like wool from our local flock. We design tactile old fashioned looking pieces that people want to take home and use.”

SMV products at The Decorative Living Fair, May 2013.

SMV products at The Decorative Living Fair, May 2013.

Describe your distinctive style in three words…
“Beautiful useful vintage.”

Your 2nd handmade project book, ‘Vintage Home’ launched with huge success…how did you get started on your path to where you are today with SMV?
“As part of my career as a professional chef and designing for Biscuiteers, I wrote a book all about icing biscuits and met the team at Kyle Books. I saw them again when the book was just finished and pitched in my vintage ideas. ‘Homemade Gifts Vintage Style‘ was published and I put my name in the back as a supplier. I had the time it took the book to go to print to launch my business.”

The book is filled with drool worthy, beautiful styling & lovely ideas & projects.

The book is filled with drool worthy, beautiful styling & lovely ideas & projects.

What has been the highlight of your journey to date?
“I am very proud of my books and I love seeing other people using the designs and adding their own style. But the real highlight is that every day, I get to do what I absolutely love. The perfect job.”

Vintage fabrics is one of the key elements in the SMV range…what has been your most prized fabric find?
“Probably the latest one! I am a hoarder. I particularly love big Sanderson floral prints so am always looking out for these.”

What is your most favorite SMV product or range to create?
“I love making up our vintage sewing tins. I see enough old and beautiful sewing baskets to be able to buy and share their contents. Finding just the right combinations of cotton reels, buttons and original fabrics to make up a little tin and imagining someone unwrapping it all is fab.”

And which project from the book did you most enjoy?
“I love the tea cup chandelier. The fine bone china glows in the dark when you fill the cups with tea lights. A warm night would be right to test them in the garden.”

Vintage Teacup Lights as seen at The Decorative Living Fair

Vintage Teacup Lights as seen at The Decorative Living Fair 

What has been the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
“My father taught me to drive (an ex-racing driver) and said, “sometimes you have to accelerate to get out of trouble.” I think that applies to life a bit too.”

Do you have a favourite inspirational quote?
“Written in massive letters on my studio wall is “a little bit if what you fancy does you good” which is why my children sometimes don’t do their homework because we have stopped on the way home from school to have a picnic in the woods!”

Running your own independent business can be exhilarating, rewarding and exhausting…what keeps you motivated?
“Having such a varied diary with writing, making, buying…and I have an amazing mentor who helps me with the business and PR side of things that I would normally struggle with.”

What do you love most about running your own business?
“The chance to stay up late and work because I have watched the children playing sport. The meeting of people that I would not normally meet because of our shared interests, and working from our home.”

What inspires you?
“The vintage materials are so lovely to handle, I just can’t stop thinking of ways to use them.”

Bespoke Vintage Hacker Jacket, Velvet & Lavender Strawberries.

Bespoke Vintage Hacker Jacket, Velvet & Lavender Strawberries.

What advice would you give to anyone starting out on their own journey?
“Make or buy only things you love. Don’t invest too heavily in equipment before you establish your business ~ a hand cranked £25 charity shop sewing machine was my investment. And I made my first pieces out of old items from my wardrobe!”

You now have the SMV online shop with a unique range of beautiful products, your own book, and various press and magazine features…what’s next for SMV?
“I would love a real shop and in my vintage dreams I wouldn’t say no to a bit of TV!”
Thanks so much for sharing a little bit about your style & your journey with us, Sarah…

Sarah’s gorgeous book, ‘Vintage Home’, is available via the website, and if you fancy trying your hand at a little vintage inspired making, Sarah also offers masterclasses near her base in Northchapel…a wonderful idea for a hen party, a birthday treat, or just a great girlie day out (contact home {at} sarahmoorevintage {dot} com).
You can also find Sarah at:

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