Goodbye Autumn…


Really, I’m not sure where Autumn went! It seemed to pass by in such a flash and here we are, suddenly preparing for Chrimble (which I’m LOVING this year)…I felt oftentimes as though I was floundering somewhat, a little lost, and not achieving much. Particularly confusing as I seemed to be constantly struggling for time, and rushing from one thing to the next, but as I was going back through my photos recently, I realised that, actually, so much was seen and done and going on, with little bits of every day & little bits of lovely in between, that YUP; Autumn & me, we did OK in the end…I just didn’t find the time to write about as much as I’d of liked. So, in brief (HA! or as brief as I can do ;0), here’s a little of what went on…
Bear's Birthday // the Bear started school & had her 5th birthday…we had a little tea party on the day and then a Belle & Boo picnic party with balloons, cake & traditional party games later on ~ it was wonderful and the hours of prep were so worth it!
// I spent every spare minute between the moving aftermath, party planning & everything else, working on an exciting request and finally, towards the end of October, I nervously sent a parcel to my first stockist ~ 19 Alexandra Road ~ *EeeEEP*! so very exciting and so loverly to see the shop when I visited in person to deliver the second batch! Run by Becky & Victoria Saunders, 19 is a beautiful vintage & artisan emporium in Clevedon, North Somerset, which doubles as the studio for Saunders Creative. Becky & Victoria hand pick every vintage item and every artist themselves so I’m incredibly chuffed to have my work there. (check out Lou’s wishlist for a little peek of one of my ‘fluers’ jars :0)
lapinblu new landing page ~ // old hat to most by now, but I spent quite some time giving the blog, shop, and social media pages a good ol’ makeover (tech is not my strong suit and it takes me aaaagggges but I can figure most of it out in the end. The rest I have to call in Dbear to assist!) Plus, I love writing, but I don’t like writing about myself that much and was going round & round in circles…so in the end I admitted defeat and I had a little help and a few wise words on that. Thanks soooo so much again (you know who you are x) I also finally opened up on Folksy, and my own little shop too…I’m pretty happy with it all so far, but it’s always a WIP, & I’m working on a stock & a few new items for the New Year as I write…
// the Bear got a ‘proper’ haircut. Not a big deal for most, I’m sure, but it took almost two years for any real hair to grow and this long to get to her shoulders, and although I was aware it was becoming really ratty, I couldn’t bear the thought of cutting it off…so glad though, it looks so much better and she totally rocks her little bob cut!
scallop wall decor ~ potato stamps ~ // we (the Bear & I) started decorating her bedroom…I love it when she tells people we painted with potatoes…they look at me in disbelief and I have to say “Oh yes, we really did!” More on the house coming soon…
// took part in the Innocent Big Knit.
// met up with the VERY loverly and talented, Caroline (Scraps of Us)…so chuffed to have figured out we’re not far from each other and really fab to meet in person. Do hop by her gorgeous blog (she’s even got a giveaway on if you’re really quick ;0)
lapinblu in Crafty magazine ~ // was uber excited to open up Crafty magazine & spot this little feature! *squeak*! x10
// had great fun carving pumpkins, spooky partying with school friends, & ooo’ing at fireworks with the family over Halloween & Bonfire night.
// organised the annual do for DBear’s company team do ~ we went Go~Karting followed by dinner at Hotel du Vin, Brighton. Serious bruising (karting), much fun, and plenty of giggles were had and the food (and cocktails) at HdV were fab!…
// visited Renegade in London. Awesome. Met up with Camilla (Butterscotch & Beesting) with her Folksy hat on. Awesome. Met loads of talented lovelies new & old, and picked up a few gorgeous bits and pieces. Awesome. Totally managed to figure out the trains on my own (it’s been a loooong time, I was really nervous, & there were re~routes), didn’t get lost, and squeaked into the station with minutes to spare to get the train home. AWESOME! Had a really great day & Highly recommend it for next yr.
// DBear headed off to Brazil for 2.2 weeks. Windsurfing. I know right?!
DIY succulent planter pots ~ // us girls had a great time together, though. We were late for the morning school run. Daily (mornings are so not my thing!). Friends kept us fed and watered. Alot. (So helped. Thank you my gorgeous friend, S x). And the absence of hubby meant I had plenty of time for some DIY projects & house a sprucing…
Outdoor winter pots ~ // so I painted terracotta pots and added gold leaf ~ so simples! Pottered and planted some new outdoor lovelies to brighten up the front porch, and lots of loverly little cacti & succulents for indoors.
// made happy corners (little spaces of lovely that make me smile whatever else is going on) with a little makeover (more on that soon too) and a good sort and tidy…I carbooted and reorganised loads of bits and bobs ~ it feels so refreshing to get that kind of thing done.
Brighton Pier Helter Skelter ~ // spent an unexpected and wonderful day out celebrating with my other gorgeous S for her 40th birthday ~ it was her day, but such a nice surprise for us to be able to catch up together. Thanks to her family for organising a surprise weekend I could share in x
Oh Comely swap box 2013 ~ // my very own (and oh! so sweet) ‘Oh Comely’ care package arrived from lovely Laura, all the way from Scotland! It had coffee and treats, a CD of favourite songs, postcards of special places, a notebook for ideas, a handmade crochet owl ornament, and my most favouritest; a very gorgeous piece of Laura’s handmade jewellery ~ so special. It really made my day too, as I was having a rotten one until the postie turned up, so it really was a wonderful project ~ thanks Oh Comely, and thanks so much to my swappee x
work in progress ~ crochet circles ~ // really enjoyed some autumn/winter making projects and starting various yarny ideas; shipping out some lovely requests; and planning & organising for the New Year (stock wise), and for Christmas (family wise)…
// loved watching the leaves change and drop, gathering kindling in the woods for the fire, enjoying hearty and warming food with friends, and generally getting things ready for a snuggly and happy winter.

phew! yay for you if you got this far, thanks for bearing with…in between these little snippets, we had the usual little setbacks & hiccups, some lovely quiet times, fun times, and some *arrrrgh I can’t cope times* too, so, yup, I reckon I got alot more done, and alot more thoughts thunked through than I realised, and it’s made me think that sometimes, when it all gets a bit much, it really helps to take a step back, take stock, and look at your achievements rather than what you didn’t get done yet.

Thanks for joining me x

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