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Smitten_gift_wrapping_ideas_Ruth_Holly_lapinblu-3 Smitten_gift_wrapping_ideas_Ruth_Holly_lapinblu-2 Smitten_gift_wrapping_ideas_Ruth_Holly_lapinblu-1 It’s that time of year when I start turning my thoughts to paper, string & gift wrapping ideas.

I’m definitely not one of those people that has everything done and wrapped before December has even begun. (Are you one of those? – HOW are you so organised!!) I haven’t even got this year’s advent calendar sorted yet, but thinking about it makes me at least feel like I’m making headway!

I have a bit of a thing for brown paper packages (as you can maybe see on my Noël pinterest board). But, I’m always on the look out for ways to add a little something special…

Recently, I came across Ruth Holly, a surface designer who decided to create her own brand & business after many years as an in-house designer for commercial companies. She says:

“Knowing that my core creative expression was a lot more conceptual in nature, I yearned to create something with depth. Something abstract, that was less obvious and more open to interpretation.
I really enjoy discovering what is seen in each piece, whether it’s “a ship on the horizon”, “a bird flying in the sky”, or “just a piece of wood!”  The collection is personal to each consumer in that way, it lets them take ownership of the product.”

Alongside travels to far away places, Ruth is inspired by her beloved Yorkshire, the great outdoors, and the creativity & craftsmanship of her parents. From an early age, she recorded life by keeping a diary; drawing, pressing leaves, collecting twigs and little treasures. Fully absorbing herself in her surroundings and decorating her soul.

Ruth’s small production pieces of homeware & stationary feature rustic, natural textures, flaking wood & paint, which take on a bark like effect without closer inspection… I’m pretty smitten, especially given that they are made in Britain using environmentally friendly materials too.

I ordered a set of Ruth’s giftwrap & tags. The paper is beautiful alone, but I love the fact that it’s split into sections of texture which allow you to use individual pieces as accents too. Add a touch of greenery, and vóila – plain parcels to pretty packages in a flash – and, if faffery isn’t your thing, Ruth’s gorgeous gift tags are an even easier way to go!

I challenge any stationary lover not to fall for Ruth’s Notebooks, and I could certainly find a space or two for a new cushion or lampshade – self gifting is allowed right? Not sure how I’d wrap the lampshade though!

Visit Ruth Holly Paper & Home to discover more of her collections, and connect with Ruth over on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.

What’s on your wishlist this year? Are you still seeking gift wrapping ideas or do you have it all wrapped up? (ahem!)

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  1. Heather

    I’m a big fan of brown paper too – there are so many ways you can dress it up! Your presents look really gorgeous, love the tags and the greenery x

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