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Gift Ideas for Friends Ah December, the time for giving…and in blog world; time for the good old gift list!

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the whole gift list thing, but there are often times when I’ve come across something I’ve used & enjoyed over time, and yet haven’t really thought about sharing it here.

When it comes to my friends, I want gifts to be thoughtful and/or useful, and to bring pleasure in some way. There are certainly a few things I have bought or been gifted recently that I have found great pleasure in reading, using, or wearing – things I therefore know to be useful & to bring good feeling or inspiration. And so I thought I’d pull a few together & share them now, since they would make great gift ideas for friends or mamas, or mama friends of mine, and perhaps yours too…

Clockwise from Top:
1\\ The Kinfolk Home – Interiors for Slow Living. Utterly dreamy & perfect inspiration if your friend believes it takes time and intention to build a home you love. This is one I take with me & a cup of tea to flip through in quiet moments.
2\\ Daily Cleansing Ritual & Fortifying Green Bath Potion c/o Magic Organic Apothecary. Made in England, inspired by old herbal folklore with a sprinkling of magic, I was excited to try these & they certainly whisked the daily cleanse away from the winter doldrums, relieving my aching limbs & rescuing stressed skin. Know a friend that needs a little pampering TLC?
3\\ Spaces – Where Creative People Live, Work, & Play – From the folks that bring you Frankie magazine, these volumes celebrate the importance of home & are my favourite go to for inspiring spaces reflecting creativity & individuality – the epitome of owning your unique sense of style.
4\\ NerdWax – Random perhaps, but a brilliant find for spec wearers & a great small gift or stocking filler! Due to the strong lens requirement of my poor eyesight, I am constantly pushing my glasses up as the weight of the lenses contributes to them sliding down my nose – this stuff works!
5\\ Ren Vita-Mineral Lip Balm – Believe it or not, this was a freebie with a magazine, & possibly the only one I have ever found useful! It moisturises whilst giving a really lovely natural (& unsticky) sheen. At £9, it may seem alot for a lip balm, but it lasts ages, is totally worth it & I will be buying again once it runs out – a perfect token gift.
6\\ Grown Alchemist Intensive Hand Cream. My most favourite cream for hands – it smells divine with it’s Persian Rose and the organic ingredients hydrate & relieve without being greasy. A little goes a very long way – a luxurious treat.
7\\ Maman Cool’ Sweatshirt c/o Emoi Emoi – I’m quite the sucker for a slogan sweatshirt at the moment. Boo and I have been known for occasional accidental matchy matchy outfitting, but I have to admit, I love wearing this with her in her matching ‘Mini Cool’ sweater (you can deck the whole family if you so desire!). If you have a friend you think is a cool mama – what better way to tell them so?
8\\ Hand Woven Macrame Jute Market Bag – The Future Kept. I love this bag, both aesthetically, and in utility! Beautifully made, long lasting, and practical – a good looking & practical gift for lovers of hand crafted items.

So there you have it, eight tried & tested gift ideas for friends & mothers. Do you have any other recommendations? I’d love to hear your suggestions – just leave me a comment below x

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