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DSC_0029 Following on from Heather’s fantastic first post, for our new project, The Everyday Spruce; I wanted to share a really simple update we’ve made in the kitchen and a few ideas on how to get organised with chalkboard paint…

Chalkboard paint is a really quick, easy, & relatively inexpensive way to create a dramatic & practical difference to your home. I’m rather loving the idea of a splash back, full wall or fridge (double the organisation potential with magnets for notes & invites!) But using the back of a door is a great way to utilise space that is otherwise often left untouched, and isn’t too scary a place to start…

This door leads off the main kitchen into our utility room. It was orangey pine, and, although we had already attempted to use it as a pinboard, it had become rather a jumble with Boo’s drawings, letters & invites all haphazardly washi taped up (you can see a peek of it before here). This bugged me no end and meant I generally tried to avoid it!
It needed a style update, plus, I wanted to give it more organised purpose & make it a central ‘go to’ for us to check the calendar, and keep lists for shopping & reminders.

I decided to paint the whole door with blackboard paint as I love the look & it ties in well with vague plans for the rest of the kitchen (I used Rustoleum Blackboard paint from B&Q).
With our ‘everyday spruce’ theory that there’s no reason why practical can’t be pretty too: I used natural leather thong with mini pegs for keeping invites and notes neat & tidy, made a crochet chalk cloth, and added a few simple handmade paper ball decorations and painted push pins for colour (DIYs coming up shortly). I use my separate monthly calendar as I’m trying to keep everything in one place & like to take it down to write in, but you could use the whole door as a weekly planner as an alternative.

I also sorted all Boo’s drawings, keeping only our favourites & have made a more organised gallery next to the door (still with washi tape so it’s easily updatable!) Now I can finally see all her wonderful works. It’s such a joy, and makes me smile daily.

Because it looks better, I want to use it (instead of avoid it!) and actually remember to write things down more. Having somewhere that’s central, clear & organised has already hugely helped us all be a little more organised. What do you think?

chalkboard door details If you didn’t fancy black, you can get coloured chalkpaint. Or, you could have a go at making your own in any colour with this DIY from A Beautiful Mess. How about white chalkpaint and coloured chalks as an alternative?

Do you have a chalkboard that you use for staying organised? Share it with us using #theeverydayday spruce & tag @lapinblu \\ @heatheryounguk so we can find you…we’d love to see!

Thanks to everyone who’s shared their sprucing so far, we’re loving all the January shake outs & refreshing!

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  1. Heather

    I love the idea of a central organisation hub like this. We have a big blackboard wall in our kitchen (it’s also magnetic), but it has a tendency to descent into chaos, so I think I need to spend half an hour sorting it out and giving it a bit more structure. You’ve inspired me!

  2. Olivia

    super creation – our black board zone in our kitche is a weekly calendar … sometimes our schedule is too intimidating to face up to! i love that this can be varied & inspiring & helpful too! olivia xx

  3. Heather

    Honestly? The magnetic paint was a big let down. I did five coats and it’s still only *just* magnetic enough to hold a single sheet of A4 with one magnet. We have put metal strips across the wall instead which we use to pin all our invites etc to..

  4. Katy at Apartment Apothecary

    All three of your Everyday Spruce posts are so wonderfully creative, beautifully shot and such good ideas. I have a blackboard door in our hallway next to the front door and I really like the idea of hanging a string across it like you have done for notes etc. Also LOVING the new blog theme! So fresh and stylish – it’s a bit like falling in love with Lapin Blu all over again xx

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