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how_to_take_iphone_self_portraits_fridayfacelessportrait Ah yes indeedy, #fridayfacelessportrait, my (originally) iPhone self portraits project is still going strong over on Instagram with over 2500 beautiful stories now in the hashtag feed. What I’ve been shockingly shit at keeping up with is sharing it over here, but hopefully, my last post somewhat explains all that.

I think for my own sanity, and in order to take one thing I tend to feel guilty about off my list, it’s going to stick on IG for now, and I may post favourites or particular projects over here when I can (ie in my usual adhoc manner, but I’ve told you about it this time!)

This then, is one of those projects.

I often get asked how I take my self portraits (and I’ve been muttering about writing a post on it for ages now) so I have pulled together a little how-to (it’s really pretty simple (like, stupidly so) once you know how.)

These shots below are all from my IG feed, and were all taken using this technique (if you can call it that.) What I will say is, prepare for quite a few out-takes (you’ll just have to imagine what they were like with these, ha!)… self_portrait_examples_how_to_take_iphone_self_portraits_fridayfacelessportrait

So, what tools do you need? Well, apart from your phone camera (and I assume this would potentially work for an android phone too, but don’t quote me on that), all you really need is some Blu-Tac.

Yup. It’s as simple as that!

You could also use a gorillapod tripod (below) for some shots, it’s certainly fun to play with & is occasionally handy, but realistically, I use the Blu-Tac more often than not. What I do find useful with the gorillapod is that I attached the holder section of a selfie-stick (about the only useful part of it to my mind!) It helps keep the phone steadier and I can set it up in standard camera mode which gives better quality images than selfie mode. how_to_take_iphone_self_portraits_fridayfacelessportraits_sarahloufrancis_baggage-reclaim-12

First up, stick two nail sized blobs of Blu-Tac on the reverse of your phone & stick it to the wall (or another flat surface) opposite where you want to shoot. The arrows below show the best position I’ve found for the Blu-Tac. I generally have to give it a wiggle to make it stick & straighten it up…


how_to_take_iphone_self_portraits_fridayfacelessportraits1 Things have moved around a little with updates since I shot this (and yes, some shots are a bit blurry due to hitting buttons at the same time as taking DSLR photos!), but the basic aim when you open your camera app is to hit the little camera icon with arrows (top right in the image below). This switches the camera to face you aka “selfie mode”. Then hit the clock button to switch on the timer mode…

This is the part where you generally get some exercise or just crease up in a ball laughing at yourself…

Tap on the space where you aim to end up and hold your finger on the screen to fix the focus. You can then adjust the exposure by sliding your finger up or down (a little sun bar should appear).

Once you’re happy with the focal point & exposure, hit 10 seconds, then tap the shutter/capture button then run, jump, or slide yourself into position as the countdown is on… how_to_take_iphone_self_portraits_fridayfacelessportraits3 taking_iphone_self_portraits_54321

On the iPhone, using this methods provides a burst of 10 images. You can then view these as normal in your camera roll (bottom left)… how_to_take_iphone_self_portraits_fridayfacelessportraits4

Sometimes, you might not get it right… how_to_take_self_portraits_fridayfacelessportraits_mistakes

And sometimes, you might… how_to_take_iphone_self_portraits_fridayfacelessportraits

Practice makes perfect, or for a lot of fun at least!

For overhead shots, the process is exactly the same, you just Blu-Tac to the ceiling instead… how_to_take_iphone_self_portraits__from_above_fridayfacelessportraits_sarahloufrancis

And that, my friends, is how I take my iPhone self portraits.

Enjoy playing, and don’t forget to check out the feed over on IG & keep sharing your #fridayfacelessportrait stories for a chance to feature in the weekly favourites x

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  1. Heather

    Great post! I do the same thing only I use command strips rather than blue-tack (the kids steal every last bit of blue-tack in the house so I can never find any!).

  2. Anna (Don't Cramp My Style)

    Some great advice here! I usually hate ”selfies’ so I am trying to look into a ways of taking photo’s without that” grim pout and distorted face look! I had no clue you can set timer on Iphone, so thank you so much for showing that! ps. I hope to get to Brighton soon, maybe middle of January? not sure, will let you know. It would be great to sit and chat again 🙂

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