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Middle Beach, Studland Bay, fore/adventure This is Middle Beach, Studland, Dorset… Jade & Dan of Fore/Adventure …and this is Dan & Jade Scott, founders of Fore/Adventure. They wholeheartedly believe in…
life through adventure with fore/adventure, studland, dorset …and so they left the city for a piece of the good life & set about building Fore/Adventure to “connect people with nature through positive adventures & stimulating environments to enable them to develop their relationship to the outdoors & each other.”

I fell in love at first sight on discovering their blog almost a year ago whilst searching for forest schools, and have quietly followed their adventures until I could take it no more & knew I had to get Boo down there to experience a place I know & love so well through new eyes.

We arranged a weekend camping nearby with school friends, and I counted down the days as Jade & I spoke over slow emails, and the kids got more & more excited, until at last, our adventure day arrived…

Be warned, this post is picture heavy, but I truly believe they tell the story best, so please join us on our adventure as we set out to build shelters in the forest; explore, play & forage on the beach; and prepare a feast in the great outdoors…

getting kitted out at the hutquarters, fore/adventure heading out from Hutquarters over the bridge & into the woods with fore adventure den building at beach and forest school, studland, dorset sharing den building secrets & plans with Molly of fore/adventure
forest school with fore adventure who knew gorse smelt of coconut time for beach school with fore adventure food from the sea - found and foraged beach school play time dam making on the beach boat making on the beach dune jumping with fore adventure leading the way to lunch chopping firewood wild herbs foraged & gathered molly making flatbread how to cook bacon on an open fire sizzling sausages wild garlic flatbreads with fore adventure toasting marshmallows
the best s'mores with Jade Scott & Fore Adventure As the “big human” element, I utterly adored every second. Jade and Dan were gracious, engaging and entertaining hosts, who so obviously know and love what they do inside and out. Their spirit is rapturous, and truly authentic: something I felt strongly shining through their blog, main site & IG – it’s a wonderful thing when your hopes are not only met but completely exceeded. Aside from the human connections, I particularly enjoyed the cooking – making flatbread laced with wild garlic & rosemary, and learning that bacon can be cooked on a log…and that crushed gorse smells like coconut (I’m dying to try Jade’s famous gorse syrup whisky sour recipe). I also loved the encouragement to stand back and let the kids do their thing their way…I try, but can all to quickly jump in with a suggestion or ‘helping’ hand when my perfectionism starts to itch. It was lovely to watch their enthusiasm and confidence grow as they came up with their own shelter ideas & plans…my tongue hurt from biting though ;0)

From the “small human” contingent…well, they were pretty much in their elements. Boo adores her new found friends, and when I asked her her best bit, she replied simply, “All of it, Mama…(but the girls best!)”

Fore/Adventure offer all kinds of experiences for you to get out there & enjoy the great outdoors together, both on and off shore: from kayaking & coasteering, to foraged feasts, bushcraft & beach school. To find out more, get connected – hop by & say hi…
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