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Ferm Living inspired DIY candle string advent candle Ferm Living inspired DIY candle string advent candle Ferm Living inspired DIY candle string advent candle After last year’s pretty packages advent calendar(s) (see version one & version two!), I decided to keep things simple this year, with a more traditional picture calendar (from The Hambledon) like my Grandma Daf used to get us as kids:
sweet shop advent calendar the hambledon

Can’t wait to see what’s revealed! But, I’ve also been rather smitten with Ferm Living’s candle string for quite some time, so I decided to have go at making my own, with the idea of lighting a candle for each week of advent…

It was really quite simple, and since it marks each week, there’s still time for you to have a go too :0) You will need:
\\ white air dry clay (I used 1kg Das from HobbyCraft)
\\ 4 candles
\\ round skewer
\\ wooden beads (various sizes (also HobbyCraft) ~ I used 4x30mm, 5x25mm, 6x20mm)
\\ natural leather boot strap lace (approx. 150cm (I got a 4m pack from HobbyCraft))
\\ paint (I used Artiste acrylic)
\\ varnish (I used Artiste acrylic gloss varnish)
\\ cocktail stick
\\ glass/jar
Ferm Living inspired DIY candle string advent candle 1\\ Make 4 large balls, and 3 smaller balls with your clay.
2\\ Push your candles into each of the four large balls. You may need to use your thumb to deepen the holes. Reshape into a sphere if needed & then push down gently to create a flat bottom so they won’t roll around. Also make the bottom of each smaller ball flat.
3\\ Take your skewer, and gently push it through each ball about a third of the way up from the flat bottom on the large balls, and half way on the smaller ones. You may need to retouch around the holes made & reshape a little again. (Push the skewer through again after reshaping to ensure the hole remains good all the way through.)
Ferm Living inspired DIY candle string advent candle 4\\ Leave clay to air dry. Mine took a good day or two, on a board over the radiator, and I turned them every so often to help the air to circulate.
Ferm Living inspired DIY candle string advent candle 5\\ Paint your balls: I found with the clay ones, it was easiest to use an old board, paint the bottom first, and then set them down to paint the top. To paint the wooden beads, I use an old crochet hook, but a cocktail stick through the middle would work. Leave to dry resting over a glass or jar (they don’t take long). I left some of the beads unpainted as I liked the natural wood.
Ferm Living inspired DIY candle string advent candle 6\\ Once painted, repeat step five with your varnish.
7\\ Thread your leather lace through your beads, varying sizes between the four candle balls. Leave approx 10-15cm at either end & tie off the lace ends by the last ball to keep in place. I then added a plain bead to both ends of the lace & tied another knot.
8\\ Tie the lace ends together to create a circle, or leave open to run along a table centre, windsill or sideboard:
advent candle string Let me know if you give it a try x

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  1. Nina Nixon

    What a lovely idea Sarah. We have a traditional advent from when the boy was small – I daren’t change it for the uproar it would cause….but I do like your take on an alternative.

  2. Catherine

    I love this advent calendar! I also have a picture one because it reminds me of my granny, who used to send one every year. My boyfriend balked at the £10 price tag of the Liberty’s one I asked for, so I showed him by using it again this year for the 3rd year running!

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