February Favourites…

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Blanket from H&M Home …because, that colour & those hands!

Glossier ‘SOLUTION’ exfoliating skin perfector …because it works!

Soap & Glory ‘Girl’s Night Out’ Gift Box …because I got it in the Boots sale, it all smells so good, and you know…self care, galentines, & all that!

Mude Threads …because Jaz is FREAKING awesomely talented, & who doesn’t want to wear or own some embroidered girl power! (I also bought one of her T-Shirts, and a sweatshirt, but I’ve worn them so much already, they’re in the wash! Soz! Just check out her insta to see what I mean (and show her alot of love because Insta took her original business account down for indecency…I mean, I can’t even…!! *head in hands*))

Girl’s days out & Photomatic in Brighton …because they make for great memories!

Our Puss, Willow …because that face! LOL!

This one, always.

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