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For so long, I had wanted to hold a gathering at the house. I dreamt of sparkling lights, candles, fires, food & folk.

Invariably, it didn’t happen in the first couple of years here, and I hadn’t felt up to it in last year or so, but this November, I finally made it happen…

Wonderful friends joined us for a Winter Gathering. A celebration of folk and friendship, & a kind of sidelined way to celebrate the launch of my own business too. It was everything I had dreamt of.

Of course, I forgot to take many pictures in the moment, which is probably as it should have been, but we feasted from the BBQ and coo’ed over homemade delights for dessert. We drank rummy hot chocolate & the best mulled cider (thank you, Joe! x), and we toasted marshmallows over fire baskets for s’mores.

I spoke a few words of thanks, and we lit a circle of sparklers to pass our sparks of light, hopes, & wishes to each other for the upcoming year.

A huge thank you to all who came – for your help, contributions, and continued love and support. To Joe & my Dad for helping my garden structure whims come to life. And a massive thanks to everyone who stops by this space and follows my work – it means the world to me x


*Disclosure: Twinkle Lights c/o Cox & Cox with thanks

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