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As Heather mentions in her latest post, The Everyday Spruce project isn’t just about the home; it’s about lifestyle & creativity as well, and I’ve really enjoyed her idea for #TheEverydaySpruce this week – 12 things to do together this year. (bottom right image)

I particularly liked it as we too don’t make much of things like Valentine’s day – it’s usually a simple affair at home, and I do have a little something planned, but D & I have definitely had a lack of couple time of late…Despite spending plenty of time together, it’s generally either family orientated or getting through the day-to-day, and I do think it’s really important to carve out that extra time to do things that are outside of the daily distractions and to spend a little time away from the kiddo/s.

I love the idea of booking the time in if you can too. Whether it’s for coffee out, a walk on the beach, or to cook a meal & just sit at the table together…I’m all in for that one!

It’s been so wonderful seeing you folks get on board and sharing your sprucing stories & tips via our hashtag on Instagram lately too – thank you! Here’s just a few of this weeks’ favs, for home & for you…

\\ Katy at Apartment Apothecary (top right image) has suggested saving candle jars once burnt out & will be sharing her recipe for making your own scented candles over on her blog (can’t wait for that one!)…
\\ Mel shared a really quick & simple spruce using Caroline South’s colourful decal stickers (middle left image) – so perfect for a quick toy tidy! I’m also loving her DIY Galentine’s Day Soap over on the blog…
\\ Victoria of Eve & Ned is doing her very own #amonthofhouse & sharing her sprucing stories as she goes – I’m loving her bathroom (middle right image) & slightly hoping she might come & sort my cutlery drawer one day ;0)
\\ Hannah & Davina over at Seeds & Stitches are celebrating ‘The Month of Love’, and Hannah’s written some great posts on self love (part one & part two), and celebrating your gal pals. I’m definitely going to be trying some of those home spa DIY’s & practicing a little more self parenting (bottom left image)…

So, what will you be up to this weekend? Together time, gathering the girls for Galentine’s, or spending a bit of time with yourself, I hope you have a good one x

To join in…simply use #theeverydayspruce to share your sprucing stories, ideas & tips on IG & Twitter, or write a blog post (tag us so we can it) & we can share it on our joint Pinterest board.

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