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I’m loving Heather’s latest creation for our project, The Everyday Spruce! Her DIY wall planner is such a simple yet creative way to help you get organised – I think it’s fab! I’m particularly impressed with the plywood fixtures hand built by Heather’s clever husband…I can’t wait to see the rest of her new workspace now!

I’m totally with Heather on the fact that this project is really helping me to think about what would simplify our home life and daily routines, plus things I could do to make day-to-day tasks a bit less of a bore chore.

We’ve been blown away by your enthusiasm for the project – thank you so much! And we’re loving seeing the stories & ideas you’ve shared so far. It’s an open invitation to join in…simply use #theeverydayspruce to share your sprucing stories, ideas & tips on IG & Twitter, or write a blog post we can share on our joint Pinterest board and social media:

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I’ve really enjoyed seeing how Nina Nixon got on with Heather’s DIY pine needle firelighters this week. She has some great additional tips too – thanks for sharing, Nina x

Find out more about how Heather created her DIY wall planner here.

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