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Timberyard_LapinBlu_Eating_Edinburgh Sometimes, an email drops into your mail box that seems too good to be true…

But a few weeks back, I packed my carry on, and headed to Gatwick in anticipation for a weekend in Edinburgh to discover what makes the Scotch of Scottish produce courtesy of The Scotch Kitchen. Eight bloggers, myself included, gathered on a Friday evening at our base – Malmaison, Leith – to begin our education & experience. First stop, TimberYard
Where_to_eat_in_Edinburgh_LapinBlu Timberyard_Where_to_Eat_in_Edinburgh Timberyard_Kitchen_Edinburgh


I was wrapt in hearing about the history of the restaurant, and the Radford’s land to table ethos (check out my Steller Story to find out more). As the evening drew to a close, filled by a fine menu crafted from local, seasonal & foraged ingredients, wild cocktails, and surroundings that delighted; we headed back to our beds ready for tomorrow’s early start… Edinburgh New Town Cookery School Scotch Lamb Shoulder with ENTCS Our next adventure was to learn all about Scotch Lamb and the cutting of a shoulder under the fine guidance of our tutor, Stuart McClymont, at the Edinburgh New Town Cookery School…  

This was quite an eye opener into all things lamb related for me – the seasonality, the flavours, the cuts, plus a few new ideas for ways to cook (check out my Steller Story to find out more). After lunch, with our bellies filled up again, this time by the fine skills of ENTCS’s Susie Hughes, we had a free afternoon to explore the city…

Enroute to the Grassmarket, Edinburgh Enroute to the Grassmarket, Edinburgh2 Bibi's Cake Boutique, Edinburgh Bibi's Cake Boutique Macarons Edinburgh Edinburgh Gardens GrassMarket Edinburgh GrassMarket Edinburgh2 GrassMarket Edinburgh3 Mary's Milkbar Mary's Milkbar Menu I headed through town towards the historic GrassMarket. I have to admit to being a little whacked by this point, so I literally took the chance to zone out & shoot what I saw as I walked (thank you lady in the yellow, for walking by when you did!) I took little notice of specific historical landmarks, because I felt I’d rather save all that for a time when I could give each my full attention (sorry about that). I was, however, lured off route by the macarons at Bibi’s Cake Boutique, which I highly recommend!

Upon reaching the GrassMarket, I again simply wandered, but was drawn in to browse by the beautiful & shapely tailoring at Walker Slater (oh, if I had all the money!). I finished up with a visit to Mary’s Milkbar since it was a top recommendation to my request over on Instagram – seriously – milkshakes, ice cream, & hot chocolate, OH MY! Queuing is totally worth it.
Tom Kitchin, The Scran & Scallie
We all met up back at the hotel then headed out for our last evening meal at Tom Kitchin’s gastro pub, the Scran & Scally (where I tried my first pig’s ear – don’t knock it!) With bellies once again topped up in style, and sleep heavy on our lids, we opted for an early evening to be ready for the bus to the borders the following morning…

HardiesMill Place Pedigree Aberdeen Angus Tombuie Charcuterie Our visit to HardiesMill was one of my favourite parts of the trip. I loved hearing Robin & Alison’s story, and once again, there was plenty to learn (check out my Steller Story to find out more)…

Mmmmm still drooling over that steak!

Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to pick out some of my takeaways, from the ‘sharpening skills’ & HardiesMill stories, but in case you were still wondering what makes produce ‘Scotch’ as opposed to simply Scottish…well, basically, SCOTCH is a quality assurance scheme.

Under Quality Meat Scotland (The Scotch Kitchen/ScotchBeef), it’s kind of like a collective brand that farmers, producers and suppliers own, and by signing up, they agree to adhere to strict guidelines ensuring the quality & welfare of animals at every point through their life & journey to market. Scotch Beef & Lamb must additionally be born, reared & processed in Scotland to quantify.
(I have to say at this point, a huge thanks to Laurent, our host for the weekend. Whilst Laurent may well work with QMS, his own passion for all things food & land made the tidbits of facts and figures we were given over the weekend so much easier to register & digest – thank you for taking on the education of a bunch such as us, Laurent, you were a star!)
Laurent - Scotch Beef

Sorry if that’s all abit meaty (ha!), but I didn’t know a jot of it, and found it all really interesting! What I took away most of all, is that Scotch Beef & Lamb is a Great British product produced in a pure, traditional & ethical manner in a country that is proud & passionate about it’s land & heritage. Just a little bit of knowledge equips us to make better choices about the food we put on our table, and for me, it’s certainly provided food for thought, how about you?

A massive thanks to The Scotch Kitchen for an amazing foodie adventure & education, and once again to Laurent for taking such good care of us all. Thanks also for the giggles girls xo Lucie – Lucie Loves, Lisette – Lisette Loves, Kate – Fabric of my life, Kristabel – I Want You To Know, Lucy – Shiny Thoughts, Rachel – Rachel Phipps & Kim – Love Cloth

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  1. katie

    this looks like the most incredible adventure, and of course the fabulous photographs help! what a wonderful experience. we did a road trip through Scotland in the summer and had a great time, I will remember some of these for our next visit!

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