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easy DIY christmas craft hacks Christmas has to be my favourite festive making season, and as I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been having so much fun getting my Chrimble craft on over the last week or so, thanks in part to B&Q’s challenge to come up with an idea or two for getting creative with some DIY Christmas craft hacks…

Gosh, I had such a ridiculous number of ideas! Most of which involved rather alot of drilling, screwing & sawing, all of which I’ve previously done infrequently (and a bit badly) by hand!

But, I really wanted to give it a proper go, and after narrowing it down (initially!) to a couple of easy DIY Christmas craft hack ideas I wanted to try; I skipped merrily off to our local store with Boo & Ma (who is a power tool genius, thankfully!) in tow…I felt quite (oddly) empowered in choosing my very own tools and was chomping at the bit to have a play…

To someone quite used to power tools and the like, these may seem ridiculously simple, but if you’re a newbie like me, I promise, they really are very quick, easy to do, and pretty effective too…to be honest, I was just so excited to make holes & cut a straight line in less than 10 seconds, and to be able to create fun & festive along the way…it felt like quite the achievement to me! So, let’s check out my hacks shall we…

1// DIY Plywood Mountain Marquee…
DIY twinkle plywood mountain marquee You will need…
\\ 5.5mm exterior ply (I used a 607x1220mm sheet, and my mountain used the width & approx. 1/3 of the length)
\\ pencil
\\ handsaw or jigsaw (I chose the Performance Power PJS750LA Laser Jigsaw. It’s almost so easy that it took a little getting used to…I kept tensing & holding it up instead of letting it do the work, but I got there quickly and found the laser guide really handy)
\\ drill with 5.5mm bit (I went for the Mac Allister MSHD144-2-Li which was in store at £30 & recommended by the very helpful chap for it’s lithium battery since the charge remains in the battery after use)
\\ set of LED battery string lights
\\ acrylic paint & brush
\\ ruler/straight edge
\\ medium sandpaper
\\ work bench/table suitable for resting ply whilst cutting (something like this is handy)

1. Mark a straight line across the width of your ply to the height you want your mountain to be (mine was approx. 14 inches).
2. Cut your ply using the jigsaw or a hand saw & then mark out your mountain peaks. Cut these pieces out too.
3. Sand any rough edges, then mark out your snow caps. You can mark out where you want the lights to go, but I did it ad-hoc.
4. Using a 5.5mm drill bit (check the size against your lights first), create your holes. Give them a light sand again to smooth any rough edges, then paint your peaks.
5. Once dry, simply push the lights through the holes. You can secure the wire with electrical tape, but I found they held ok without.

And that’s it! Light it up & let the snow capped mountains twinkle away while you dream of sleighbells & snowmen!…For these shots, I let the remaining lights trail, but it’s now in our hallway with the flex tucked loosely behind (don’t coil the wires too tightly as this can be a hazard, and remember to switch it off before you go out or to bed).
DIY plywood mountain marquee
2\\ DIY Decking Post Top Candle Holders…
DIY fence post candle holder You will need…
\\ decking post balls (I used these & this). They are usually found out in the garden section, so you’ll need to let them dry out before painting. Check for small cracks in the wood as they get bigger whilst drying.
\\ 20mm flat wood drill bit
\\ drill
\\ acrylic paint & brushes
\\ candles
\\ workbench

1. Remove the screw fixings from the bottom of the wooden ball tops.
2. Clamp the ball tops securely so they won’t spin as you drill (I used our work bench for this), and then using the flat drill bit, carefully drill your holes in the top, ensuring the drill is as straight as possible. Go to about 1 inch deep or just under.
3. Paint your ball tops any way you like, then add your candles. You may need to shave the ends a little to fit, or, if the hole is bigger, melt a little wax from the bottom into hole & then push your candle into the hot wax to secure it.

These are my one of my favourites! So simple, & costing only around £4 each altogether! They make really fun gifts & I’ll be making some more for Boo’s teachers.
decking wooden fence post candle holder

4 \\ Sooper Simple Paint Chip Garland
easy paint chip DIY christmas garland Well, you can’t hop by a DIY store without picking up a few paint chips can you? (or is that just me?!)

This one’s a little fun add on that I couldn’t resist…I simply punched circles out of the paint chips, & used washi tape to attach them to bakers twine. An easy peasy way to add some extra festive colour!

So, what do you think? If I can do it, you can do it too…do let me know if you give anything a try. There’s one more to show you (see, I did say intially a couple of ideas!) which is my absolute favourite, and I’ll share that one next week. In the meantime, keep an eye out on Pinterest this weekend as I take over the reigns from Katy as Folksy Christmas Takeover Guest Pinner. Hop by Pinterest now to find Katy’s board, and also check out Jeska & Emily’s takeover boards to see their favourite handmade Christmas Folksy picks


I was kindly sent a gift card by B&Q towards some of the cost of the tools & items used in this post. All words, images, projects & opinions are entirely my own x

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  1. Made by Molu

    OMG! Go you!! These are all so wonderful and hats off to you for coming up with soooooo many fab DIY ideas!! Love the plywood mountain piece! Can’t wait to see the next one! 😉 xx

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