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do styling challenge discover do south Curate&Display CateStHill StyleJuicer LapinBlu styling styling in progress do south sarah-louise kimmer styling event at due south with freddie oke cate st hill sarah-lou kimmer annie kruse tiff grant riley On a beautiful sunny Sunday morning a few weeks ago, I headed up to the Crystal Palace triangle for a morning of styling fun with the lovely Cate (CateStHill), Tiff (Curate&Display), and  Annie (StyleJuicer) at eclectic homewares destination, Do South…

Hit by the sunlight streaming through the huge storefront windows, the space had been split into separate areas ready for us to take our pick from the huge selection of restored vintage finds, handcrafted artefacts & rugs from far flung travels, and design-led pieces from the likes of Nils Strinning, HAY, Mumo & Established&Sons.

annie kruse laura baldry kristy noble do south styling event cate st hill do south styling event

Every item at Do South is handpicked by sweet & humble owner/curator, Freddie Oke. An artist & musician, Freddie says “I feel like furniture is like music to me, it kind of, it connects with the soul, you know. So, if I love classical music for example, a piece from that, I might position it with something classic like an Ottoman, you know what I mean? It’s got that kind of vibration”  – I can totally relate with that affinity to certain pieces of furniture & the vibrations that speak straight to the heart! Freddie continues, “I just love interesting designs, whether it’s the smallest detail like a fork, to something large and dramatic like a screen, you know, I love interiors, I love buildings, I love travelling. I just go with my feelings as well you know and that’s how it’s always been, I’m just intuitive, you know? I use my intuition and I’m guided by that and I’m very sort of sensitive to the space, like every little detail I’m very sensitive to it

mid century vintage modern styling lapinblu

Picking our spaces from a hat, I was chuffed to draw my key piece – the exceptionally beautiful Ruark R7 radio…I (of course) had no trouble selecting that gorgeous tweed armchair & stool set, and then (after a slight wobble & swift kick up the bum from Tiff to chill out!) I relaxed into my instinct & intuition to add the accessories; pulling in colours from the vintage floral painting – a happy find from the back storeroom – and my go to blend of old & new, scandi & mid-century style, with a touch of nature & vintage rustic…What do you think?

tiff grant-riley kristy noble

We were lucky enough to be joined by the über talented & very lovely interiors photographer, Kristy Noble, who took some beautiful shots for us (top 4 images above). I love how each space is so individual & totally reflected it’s respective curators style & aesthetic, which just goes to show that Do South really does have something for everyone…

vintage school chair lapinblu

I could so easily have taken every item from my space home with me, and plenty more too! If you’re looking for unique items for your home, I highly recommend you head Do South…if you’re not local enough to pop in, you can visit the online store, but you could happily make a day of it in the triangle – checking out the variety of antiques & vintage stores, markets, cafès, and the stunning view of the city along the way. There’s plenty to see & do.


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