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diy paper ball decoration diy colourful paper ball decoration With the idea that practical can still be beautiful running through The Everyday Spruce project for Heather & I; I couldn’t resist adding a few handmade touches along with some colour to my new chalkboard door...

This paper ball decoration was really very quick & easy to make up, and Boo loved getting her make on and having a go too! You will need:

\\ paint chips/coloured card or paper
\\ circular punch (or draw round something & cut out with scissors)
\\ thread/ribbon/leather thong
\\ bead
\\ glue

1. cut out your circles (8 in total) & fold in half (if one sided, fold the coloured sides together)
2. glue each side in turn adding each circle of paper until you have one left.
3. thread your bead onto your thong or ribbon & tie a knot at the bottom and a loop at the top.
4. place your thread through the centre of the ball and glue in the final piece.

chalkpaint organisation door

Simple & pretty. I added a touch more colour with painted push pins too, which you can see how to do here.

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  1. Heather

    I’m off to the DIY store for some paint chips and will be making some of these this weekend. A lovely way to add a little bit of decoration to a practical area. 🙂

    1. sarah-lou - Post author

      Thanks H! I like the Valspar ones from B&Q as you get a good chunk of colour to play with…only problem is then I get ideas for actually painting everything! x

  2. Olivia

    snap, heather, i can’t wait to so do. fab idea, thank you. did you get your puncher froma crafty store? olivia xx

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