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DIY Geometric Lampshade Ikea Hemma cord set 5 ways to use a geometric wire fruit bowl DIY Geometric Lampshade Ikea Hemma cord set DIY Geometric Lampshade Ikea Hemma cord set add colour to Ikea Hemma cord set DIY Geometric Lampshade

As promised, this is really such an easy peasy DIY to do and, in fact, you could use this method with any lampshade, or even just use the cable without a shade to add a pop of colour to any room you fancy…

To make the lampshade from 5 ways to style, use & love a geometric wire fruit basket, you will need…
\\ a wire basket (the one I shared was great because it already had a perfect hole in the base. You’ll find that here. If you’re on a smaller budget though, this post shows a great way to upcycle garden baskets into lampshades & how to make a fixing)
\\ Ikea Hemma cord set
\\ washi tape
\\ acrylic paint & brush/spray paint

1\\ Remove the ceiling cap & wrap the cord with tape. I used vertical strips up the cable, but you can also wrap across and up by placing the start of the tape at an angle and wrapping to the end. This does use more tape.
2\\ Paint or spray the bulb casing (if spraying, you might want to do this prior to wrapping the cord)
3\\ Pop cord through shade & replace ceiling cap.
4\\ Hang (needs wiring, so get a pro to help here). Tah~Dah!

So easy, you can do it an evening or weekend morning & still have time to go & play!

Have a great week folks x


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easy DIY geometric lampshade light cord

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