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DIY crochet light flex lapinblu Copper Lamp DIY crochet light flex copper lamp styling DIY Crochet light flex

Before we’d even got our home for definite, with visions of such a stylish hallway; I (perhaps somewhat hopefully) bought this beautiful mid-century style telephone bench from Julia at Winter’s Moon. It fitted perfectly…However, as these spaces tend all to easily to do, it had become a bit of a dumping ground for post, boots, school bags & coats…urgh, fail!

So, I decided it was high time for a sort out & a spruce up for the coming winter season…
I cleared & sorted everything, adding a sheepskin rug for warmth & texture for starters. I adore copper & loved the geometric shape of this table lamp, but wanted to add a little personal style to it, so I added a DIY crochet light flex around the cable and hung it from a hook under the stairs instead.

It works really well as it’s easy to switch on & off and doesn’t reduce the limited space on the bureau section of the bench. The copper adds warmth & femininity, and the crochet softens the style without it losing it’s contemporary feel. I also love the shadows it casts when it’s switched on.

I’ve been really pleased with how much clearer the space has stayed so far. The only thing I’ve changed since I took these shots was that, in the end, I moved the sheepskin to our daybed in the lounge (see more here) as I felt it worked better with the other one there…I’m thinking I might have to get myself another one for the hall now though!

What do you think? x

I was invited to select my B&Q autumn winter 2014 home collections top picks. I chose and was gifted the Jonas table lamp & Imlu sheepskin rug so I could share them in my own style. Context, words, images & opinions are entirely my own.

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