Pop on Some Popsits!


popsits3 popsits pop on chair leg covers popsits2 popsits6 So, you know that wooden floor in my studio that I spent days painting? Well, as I was sorting & tidying and moving things about abit the other week, I noticed the chair at my desk had made a fair old scraping of it ~ Eeeeek! Well, actually, I’m not so sure about ‘Eeeeeek!’ here as it looks ok ~ there’s a sort of wearing in~ness about it I quite like, and they’re just the old underfloor boards after all, BUT, I’d also started noticing the chairs downstairs in our lounge and kitchen were doing the same on the ‘good’ wooden floors and that is Eeeeek!…

As a solution, I was thinking about making some felt pads for the chair legs, when ‘POP’! I came up with something a little more playful & creative, that would add a fun dash of colour at the same time…and so became POPSITS! ~ pop ’em on where you sit (geddit?!)…a practical, playful & colourful way to protect the floors of your happy home (they also muffle that awful chair shriek sound too ~ whoop!). Seriously, perhaps it’s the small things but these really make me smile everytime ~ I love them!

Question though (and I’d really really love your help), what would you describe them as?…chair socks, leg cosies, foot covers??? I’d love to hear what you think…in the meantime, they are now available to order through my Etsy & folksy shops (as ‘cosy covers/foot socks’ ;0).

Thanks for joining me xx


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  1. Melanie

    These are great. Clever idea and they look super cute too. Also loving the cluster of crochet balls you have in your look book 🙂 xx

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