Celebrating Summer Solstice…

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The Bear & I took a little picnic and a stroll down the River to celebrate Summer Solstice together…I’ve been burning both ends of the candle with orders, end of term school mania, getting the bathroom done and trying to do it all…I’m exhausted but on the winning end of it all, and so very ready to slow it all down and enjoy the Summer months together…

As you may remember, I’m taking Xanthe Berkeley’s wonderful timecapsule e-course and I made my first little film of our mini adventure ~ it’s a little clunky, and it took me so long to do that I didn’t bother with editing the images, but I learnt so much doing it. I’m so happy to have captured the moment and to have my first project complete for the memory banks…enjoy x

she+me \\ summer solstice 2014 from Sarah-Louise Kimmer on Vimeo.

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