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lifestyle wall styled by Becky Clarke for rooms made for you

You may have heard me talk on occasion, about how much we love a gathering of folk: good food, good friends, good times…but what I share in a VERY limited way, is the space in which we do this – our kitchen…

We love the space itself, but it’s tired and in dire need of an overhaul. With major hangovers of the previous owners remaining left untouched, we’ve dealt with other areas of the house first, and been unwilling to do anything until we had funds to do it all. It pains me to show these bits, but…


Somehow, I’ve managed to make these shots look a touch romantic, but after 18 months living with it, we’ve had enough! You may also remember me mentioning that our walls are like iron & it’s an absolute nightmare to put anything up. From simple pictures, to shelves; it’s a struggle & I never truly trust the job once it’s done…

So, you can imagine my curiosity (and excitement – The Shard, 34th floor? Oh my goodness, it was hard to tear my eyes from the view!) when I was invited to spend the morning discovering three new products from British Gypsum’s lifestyle brand, Rooms Made for You. They might just change the game…

the shard & rooms made for you

34th floor view at the shard with rooms made for you

I was running abit late due to alarm errors, so arrived just at the start of the presentation on the three products – new and, honestly, pretty exciting innovations in terms of creating your own space at home – and then we got to experiment with them ourselves…

Lori Wild & Grizzly testing the lifestyle wall with rooms made for you

Lori from Wild & Grizzly testing the lifestyle wall with rooms made for you…

First up was Thistle Magnetic Plaster…A brilliantly easy way to transform any wall in your home into a magnetised surface for a relatively small price (around £97 for a 25kg bag of plaster).The plaster creates a smooth surface which can then be painted or papered over; perfect for creative folk who like to change up their display (ahem). You could use this in your home office or studio to create an interchangeable inspiration wall with no pins, tape or blu-tac damaging the walls; in children’s spaces for play & learning – giant magnetic tic-tac-toe anyone?; or in your kitchen for display, reminders & generally, just getting stuff organised.
Or, for the sooper brave, how about a magnetic ceiling? I’m loving this über creative idea from TULP design for my husband’s design studio. The pens are stuck to the ceiling with magnets allowing for some creative doodling whilst you’re…uuuum…otherwise occupied?!

…forget my chalkboard door – I’m thinking a whole magnetised chalkboard wall is next! I was genuinely impressed with this stuff. It does need sooper strong magnets to work well, but that just means loads of fun getting creative! And, if you get strong enough magnets, you can hang pretty much anything (apparently, the guys at Rooms Made for You even got a TV up on it – we didn’t get to see that though!) I’m also quite tempted for the studio as I’d love to have a full on wall of inspiring colours, textures & themes…

magnetic plaster rooms made for you

magnetic plaster by rooms made for you…

Next up was Silent Floor…Now, I think this is a brilliant idea & reckon it’s something most of us would love in our homes – I know we would as TV & music tends to travel around here…Stomping kids or loud music? TV or games console noise disturbing your early night or a quiet read? This stuff stops it in it’s tracks, and has the Quiet Mark seal of approval (“an initiative that aims to create a demand for quieter technology in our homes, in our workplace and in the open air” – Rooms Made for You). However, at this time, it’s mainly geared up to new builds or a complete home shred, so if you’re interested you can find out more via the links at the end of this post.

lifestyle wall by rooms made for you with british gypsum

lifestyle wall by rooms made for you…

This image was the one that caught my eye as I’m hoping for open shelves again in our kitchen, and there are a number things we currently have up  but I daren’t touch in case they come down!. This is the stuff we need…game on!

To find out more about Rooms Made for You and all these products, including where to buy, just click the links below:
\\ Thistle Magnetic Plaster
\\ Silent Floor
\\ Lifestyle Wall

“‘Rooms Made For You’ by British Gypsum is a new generation of products and services designed to make you think about your interior space as more than simply a functional space. The aim is to improve the lifestyle of home owners and change the way that walls within the home are perceived in the future.”

Disclosure: Posted in association with Rooms Made for You by British Gypsum, with thanks to the Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard for their hospitality.  Images (other than noted), content, context & opinions expressed are my own, open & honest.

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  1. abigail

    I feel your pain! We’ve only been in our house for 6 months and have half finished most of the rooms. It drives me crazy, we even have a half a floor painted white in our lounge!

    I need to get my hands on some of that magnetic plaster! We painted a wall with chalkboard paint and I’ve been saying how good it would be if you could use magnets, and lo and behold here’s the answer! Thank you thank you!!

    Looks like an amazing day and what a view!

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