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Whether we have visitors for a night or a week, I always like to try to create a retreat for guests – somewhere they can feel cosy, comfortable, and as at home as possible. A space to retreat to and relax as needed.

Here’s my top suggestions for being the hostess with the mostest, and how I like to create a retreat for guests…

1\\ Lux & Layers
I love to snuggle up under layers and layers at night, but not everyone does. Starting with Belgian Linen flat sheets, I build up the bedding with a duvet smothered in velvet, then furs & soft woollen blankets, with plenty of plump pillows. This means that guests can wrap up or throw off layers as suits them best.

2\\ Entertainment
I love music, so I have a small bluetooth player in the guest room that visitors can simply pair with if they fancy. I use a small blackboard to provide the name, and also the wifi details so they don’t have to ask for it. (A vintage style letterboard would be super cute for this too!)
I also have piles of books & magazines around so guests can pick up something to read before bed.

3\\ Refreshment
I leave a bottle of water in the room with a couple of glasses so that guests can help themselves at night without having to get up & go down to the kitchen.

4\\ Plants
I love plants, and having a few dotted around the guest room makes the place feel more alive & cosy, especially as it’s a room that’s not in use daily.

5\\ Bathroom Goodies
I always think it’s nice to leave out a few bits for guests (especially the kind of things that you might find you forgot to pack!) – some painkillers, cotton wool, a facecloth, the amazing all rounder Green Balm from Magic Organic Apothecary, soft towels, and even a toothbrush can be really handy.

What would be your must haves to create a retreat for guests?



Bed Linen:
Washed Cotton Lustre Velvet Duvet & Pillow Cases
Belgian Flax Linen Sheets

Throws & Cushions:
Cosy Texture Throw
Fur Throws

Bormioli Bordega Glassware
Quartz Coasters


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