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So what’s the deal with a blog hop? Well, it’s where you are “tagged” by another blogger to continue a hop from one blog to another to encourage the discovery of new writers, makers, designers & inspirations, and to give readers (new & old) a little insight into the goings on & the world of the person behind the blog…I was tagged by the über gorgeous, Vicky Trainor who writes at The Linen Garden. Vicky sells her own beautiful vintage floral inspired makes & stationary at The Vintage Drawer, and the most delightful vintage lace, ribbon, fabric & doily snippings & cuttings for you to make with, via The Linen Garden. You can hop by her hopping post here (once you finished reading this of course ;0) and fall down that loverly rabbit hole of blog finding…in the meantime, Vicky asked me a few questions…

lapinblu studio mix

1\\ What have been the happenings/makings/potterings in your studio over the past week?

Well, firstly, I thought I’d share a little peek into my studio, since I haven’t really done that since we moved in last year (spot my ‘studio’ door hanging by Vicky ♥).
I sometimes feel a little imposterous talking about my studio, since when I actually get down to the hooking part of my making, more often than not, it’s done downstairs in front of the gogglebox (!), but that being said; I write here, take photos, stitch, potter, plan & paint here, as well as it being where all my stashes of yarn are kept, so it’s often where I pick colours & think on projects & ideas. It’s a space that’s mine and where I’m free to do as I please as I go my merry way on my journey of creativity (DBear is still scratching his head as to how I wangled my own space though!)

So, onto my week. As it turned out, it was abit more stressful than I’d planned…as I mentioned here, it was half term (with a Bank Holiday here in the UK) last week so I had a couple of outings planned for the Bear (a trip to London, and a couple of night’s visit to my Dad’s with a kiddo’s show at the theatre). I took time off from my other work too, with the view to working on a few of my own sampling projects (plus some photographing) on our free days & whilst at Dad’s, before starting loverly wholesale orders & new blog projects the following week…It didn’t quite go to plan with a deadline I’d expected to have a week or two to meet, coming forward and needing to be shipped in two days time ~ yeeeek! I pretty much had to drop everything else, blog included, pull an all nighter & make sure Boo got her time too, but we did it…sadly, that’s all I can tell you about that project at this point, other than to say I have my fingers crossed ;0)

I hasten to add that this isn’t generally a typical week…you happen to have hopped along on an odd one! I’m feeling much more relaxed & ready for my week after our slow weekend, and I even managed to get a few of my other projects done too :0)

lapinblu work in progress colourful crochet for happy homes above \\ blanket making, blog project planning, crochet nesting bowls, basket samples & jar covers…

lapinblu crochet flower jar covers lifestyle above \\ shooting new jar covers for listing on Etsy & Folksy…

2\\ Where are you currently finding your inspiration?

Hmmm, well, my general answer would be “everywhere!” But I’m guessing you might like to know more, so here goes…

I’m really interested in quite a diverse and juxtaposed range of ideas & styles (from handmade, vintage & scandi, to modern, simple & natural, with floral, muted & colourful somewhere inbetween) so I tend to be like a vacuum, sucking up as much imagery and information as I can, from wherever I can: books, blogs, magazines, pinterest, instagram, friends, places we visit & the everyday things we find and see; storing it all away until I have an idea where I feel I can pull out and incorporate everything I love, whilst putting my own spin & style into it. This goes, not just for making, but also in terms of styling, photography and planning our home decor! I find this a great way to keep moving forward; learning, developing & growing creatively.

I love colour, and am naturally drawn to a particular palette (see below) which has become quite recognisable. How I combine and pick colour for an individual piece can come from anywhere really; from a floral display, an image, simply seeing the yarns fall in their baskets and on their shelves, or even just picked on the fly as I go. Ideas for my items usually come from something I feel would be useful or beautiful (most often, both) and that I actually have a need or desire for myself. I like the idea that my work embellishes the everyday and goes to homes that are full of busy days, happy days, grumpy days, fun days & lazy days; messy days & let’s get sorted days; squabbles & make~ups; laughter & love; cozy ups by the fire & getting out and abouts… homes abit like our own…that’s what I mean by “homes that love to be lived in” and really, that’s probably the greatest part of my inspiration.

cotton yarn & colour colour & yarn above \\ colour, colour, colour!

3\\ How important is ‘creativity’ to you, and how do you blend this with the home/life balance?

I think anyone who’s been reading a while probably knows how important being creative is to me…it’s just in me and without it (or without doing something with it), I lose myself. I feel incredibly lucky that I finally found, not only a direction, but a path that allows me to express myself & do the things I love, whilst also challenging me to keep pushing forward, learning, and growing my abilities, skills & outlook in a creative way. And not only that, but also, is enabling me to build the foundations of my own business in a way that works for me. I’ve never loved or pursued anything, or been so determined to keep going (in whichever way it takes me) as I have since I started following this path of mine…

Which is not to say it’s easy…everything has to be fitted around the needs of my family (or mainly Boo, to be precise), my other job (albeit part~time), running a home, and maintaining the ‘having a life’ aspect. It certainly makes life interesting, and no two days are the same! Some days are more frustrating than others and I have to put the things I want to do on the backburner; some days I have to let Boo amuse herself for periods while I get done what I need to do; some days go easily & are really productive. Most days are mix of it all, and the first thing to be dropped is always housework! I often have “mama guilt”, but really, I think we do OK on balance. We’re always aware if the balance has tipped out of favour & make sure we make time to be together (either as three, or me & DBear, or taking the Bear out if one of us needs a break!) as soon as we can.
Since I love what I do, and documenting that mostly comes naturally (although how I do that is something I want to improve), the ‘having a life’ part isn’t much of an issue either. We tend to relax with food and friends & make sure that’s a regular thing too. I do need to remember to slow myself down and take care of my physical self more sometimes, though…I’m working on that!

Overall, I hold strongly that pursuing a path in which I believe, and which is building my belief in myself, is a positive example to set to my daughter, and that living creatively (in whatever aspect of that we choose), opens up new ways of looking at, recording and sharing our little corner of the world. It makes things come alive & connect more, including us.

So, let’s meet who I’m passing the hop onto…

First is Melanie Barnes – homemaker & creative with the most gorgeous vintage style. Melanie writes so beautifully, her photos make me swoon, and her stitchery makes me want to rewind time & make the Bear’s wardrobe from scratch! (but hopefully, we’ll just be able to buy it from Geoffrey & Grace soon ;0) Melanie blogs at Geoffrey & Grace and has been a feature writer for 91magazine (Issue 8)…you can find her on facebook here

My 2nd pick is Lucy Davidson –  a freelance graphic designer, illustrator & crafter blogging at Peas & Needles (although she doesn’t like peas!) I first wrote about Lucy here so I won’t go into too much more detail, except to say that she’s now back from her travels and raring to go, so do hop by for more of her own words…you can also find Lucy on facebook here

Please do hop over and say hello, have a little wander, and don’t forget to pop back to your new finds next Monday (9th June) to read their blog hop posts & find out who they’ve passed the hop on to…

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  1. Melanie

    Lovely to see your work space and hear more about your creative world. That Rumi quote is fantastic! Thanks for your kind words and for asking me to be a ‘hoppee’ 🙂

  2. vicky trainor

    howdi hop partner!!! Loved your post and your photos always look divine – how do you do that with a camera?? I have yet to learn.

    I think we are very lucky to show our kids how we run our little businesses from home – they can see how hard we work, ‘mammy still on tap’ when they need us, the importance of being passionate about ‘something’ whatever ‘that thing’ will be that they find on their little journey…..

    (oh and like you ) do a lot of my sewing sat in front of iplayer…….. 😉 xxxx

  3. Amy

    Such a lovely studio, Sarah-Lou! I wish mine was as half as pretty as yours 🙂 Can I ask what yarn you are using in the big photo with the basket of yarn? It looks very soft. Many thanks, Amy

    1. sarah-lou - Post author

      Thank you, Amy…ooo you’ve got me a bit there! They are cottons but a mix of various brands ~ I ripped off alot of the labels prior to learning I often forget the colours & brands!! Rico & Rowan are some I think x

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