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If it’s been a little quiet round here, it’s been, among other things, partly because of the Summer break & partly because I’ve been doing a lot more of this kind of thing as I build my portfolio for…

I’m so excited (with a huge dollop of nerves) to say that I am now taking bookings for storytelling portrait, product, event, & lifestyle images for independent businesses & creatives. This is, in part the story of how I got here…

I believe in stories, community & connection. In staying curious & putting yourself out there wholeheartedly & authentically. We all have a tale to tell and the creativity to unleash it.

My journey has been long & slow. Sometimes tentative, sometimes full throttle, but always on a mission to find myself and my place. Always learning, always ongoing.

I’ve been a designer/maker with my own handmade textile business, an event organiser & make-up artist. I’ve trained in Interior Design & Colour Analysis. You might also consider me a blogger/instagrammer/influencer. Although I have somewhat of an aversion these last specific terms, it has enabled me to be working right alongside the growth of online content and social media; I understand the importance of words, styling, imagery and of creating something that feels both beautiful and real.

I understand your journey.  I’ve been there before, and am right there with you now, as I follow my own authentic path as a natural light photographer. Putting your product or service out there can be scary enough, but without feeling, it’s just a commodity. I’ve had to learn the best ways for me to work, who I want to work with, & how I want to do it, and remain entirely in touch with the challenges and fears we face as independent creatives doing it all. The road hasn’t been without curves & climbs, it rarely is, but when you hit the right track, you just know. It fills you up & drives you onwards with clarity.

Working with people, products & places that have resonance, connection & community; collaborating with folks whose story, no matter how small or grand: that is IT for me.

Bringing that story, YOUR story, to life and filling it with colour brings the roar to my heart & allows me to pour back all the knowledge I’ve gained along my own journey, into helping you convey your message with authenticity & significance.

My unique & personal style combines light with contrast, tone & saturation to create images with heart & depth. Images that enable you to share the meaning, personality & spirit behind your creation, and to holistically represent yourself & express your brand.

As creatives, we so often try to do it all ourselves, but in seeing yourself, your processes, your product, event, or space through my lens. I aim to fill you with a sense of empowerment & passion that will help you to continue sharing your story with direction, purpose, & strength.

It was an absolute pleasure to shoot this story for Amalia & you can read more on her take on the day over on These Small Finds. The courage I have found through writing this blog & the online community has been one of the greatest factors in pushing myself forward to do what I’ve secretly always longed to do.

I’ve missed self set deadlines, and I’ve stalled and stuttered with fear, but I’m here at this point all the same. I’d love to help you tell your story & ongoing growth too…

To find out more, get prices & get in touch, please hop by

Look forward to speaking with you x

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