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DIY potato print wall monochrome scandi style kids room

cube midi~sleeper Birlea chevron rug, bed throw & pillow case H&M ceramic rabbit lamp White Rabbit England

monochrome scandi style kids room

DIY potato print wall makes creates a bright fresh monochrome for girls kids room

Pirum Parum print by Fine Little Day @ This Modern Life

midi-sleeper reading nook

spice rack book shelf IKEA

kids shelf styling

monochrome scandi style kids room

3 bears wall hooks This Modern Life

adding colour pops to monochrome kids room

removable wall stickers Caroline South

DIY potato print wall and monochrome scandi style kids room Happy hump day folks! Whilst I’m swimming in a mountain of to do lists & advent preparations, I thought I’d share Boo’s room in all it’s glory, including that DIY potato print wall (at last!)…

It’s taken over a year to get to this stage, but we’re so happy with how much lighter & brighter it is now (it used to look like this)…

Here’s what we did:
\\ painted walls plain white (my scalloped wall was inspired by a favourite Ferm Living paper & created with potato printing…I used a long spirit level, & drew lines 10cm apart across the wall, and then cut various sized potatoes in half to stamp. To create the longer scallops, I started higher up and pulled the paint down the wall to the line. I mixed black acrylic with the white wall paint as you don’t need a huge amount, but you could use tester pots, or smaller paint pots)

\\ ripped up carpet & painted existing floorboards (we used Farrow & Ball in here, but in terms of usage, I was just as happy with the Wicks floor paint I used in the studio… longevity will be the deciding factor)
painted doors & skirtings (Dulux satinwood) (I added some little colour pops around door frames by cutting some of Caroline’s cute circle stickers in half to echo the scallops on the wall)
painted windowsill tiles (B&Q tile paint was the best)

\\ new bed (I do recommend the bed-it’s great & Boo loves her reading nook, but we had a nightmare sourcing it & lost our first purchase monies due to a dodgy company so source carefully. Don’t necessarily go for the cheapest option & use a credit card/paypal for a chance of getting funds back if needs be!)
updated soft furnishings & textiles, and added shelving

Reading it back, I don’t know why it took us so long to get to this stage, but all the jobs we did are my least favourite & involve mess, so that had quite alot to do with it!

There’s a few little touches I still want to do, but they can wait for now: Boo loves it, and so do we, so we’re happy just to enjoy that for a while for now.

What do think? Are you tempted to try a DIY potato print wall? x

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  1. Catherine

    This is THE MOST beautiful little girls’ room. I love all the sweet details and luckily she won’t grow out of it too quickly! All the bunnies are making my heart melt x

  2. emma horan

    You’re so clever it looks fab. Am debating whether to do this for my fourteen month old son or paint one wall in very dark grey. Good on you, it’ll take me a full year to come to a decision by which time he’ll be able to tell me which colour! Xx

  3. Tiff @Curate & Display

    Always love what you do with your home Mrs, Boo is a lucky girl indeed. I made R some Ferm inspired bedding a year or so ago with foam stencils and black fabric paint and they’re still a winner now. Just wish I could pull up his nasty carpet when I get round to sorting his room…these things always take time 😉 xx

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