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blush_pink_door_Annie_Sloane_chalkpaint blush_pink_door_annie_sloane_chalkpaint_antoinette I have to admit, I’m really enjoying starting to pull the house together abit more. There’s a flow & balance coming along nicely: feminine touches of blush pink, combining slowly with stronger accents. Even if I do dislike the actual decorating bit of it, the results so far have been worth the slog!

If you remember, I have plans for my bedroom, bathroom & the kitchen
I’ve been doing Boo’s room most recently, which was a surprise for her return from a week in Florida. I got the bulk done just in time, and she loved it! It just needs a few final touches which I need to get a wriggle on with, but I’ll share all that with you soon enough.

I’m obviously putting my own pennies in the makeover pot, but I’ve also been so fortunate to be working with some awesome sponsors, which allows me to complete the work whilst sharing the process here with you…
One of these is Saga Equity Release. Whilst I’m not in a position to do major renovations at the moment, releasing equity from your home might be the way forward for you if you’re considering some big changes.

For now, I’m just popping in with a small but highly satisfactory update, which was to re-paint the front door interior…

If you know anything of me by now, you might guess I like a touch of blush pink (so much so, I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to this beautiful shade!)
I went for Annie Sloane’s ‘Antoinette’ for our blush pink door, which worked out really well – well, I love it!
The finish has a soft sheen from the wax, and it adds a warmer tone to the hallway space, which can be quite cool being North facing.

What do you think?
Are you doing any major work or updates right now? I’d love to hear about them…also, did you see George Clarke’s Ugly House to Lovely House? – so inspiring…one day!

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