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In the long list of makeover wishes, I’d decided Boo’s bedroom was about due for a few updates…

Her room was one of the first I did to make it nice for her after we moved, (remember the DIY potato print walls?), but it’s somehow never quite worked right, & has had various bed & furniture shuffles since.

A few things that I felt needed addressing were:

Walls – Basically bored of it (!) but I also wanted to update the colour scheme of the room with something feminine but strong that Boo could grow into & enjoy now too.

Flooring – I’d ripped up the carpets & painted the floors in the last round of decor, but not managed to nail the rug situation!

Bed – We chose a midi bed last time, which worked well for a time, but she fast grew out of the space beneath & honestly, I got fed up climbing the steps and squeezing in for bedtime cuddles!

Furniture – There always seemed to be too much furniture & not enough storage, so this was a biggie for me to get right!

Lighting – I loathed the light shade I’d thrown up form the old house so wanted to find something to replace that & also needed to update bedside lighting as Boo now needs a light she can read by rather than a gentle nightlight.

Windows – Nothing major here, but I really wanted to add some additional texture & depth to her room.

So, nothing too major, just the tedious work to do after a little research…Pinterest was, as always, great for sourcing girls bedroom inspiration, and planning how to make a colour scheme work together, and I spent alot of time looking at and picking paint chips from the Valspar range at B&Q (they’re perfect for this paper ball decoration when you’re done too!)

With a little more help from my friend’s at B&Q, I got the room done in a week whilst Boo was in the US with her Dad…it’s taken ages for me to post, but I’ll share the reveal & details very soon…pretty chuffed with the outcome & I hope you’ll like it too!

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