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Bedroom Inspiration & Ideas My bedroom has long been on the list for needing a few updates. I’ve flickered so many times between colour schemes & ideas. I’m still not sure if I’ve settled, but I always come back to these soft blue & silver greys, combined with a deep off black & fresh whites.

You can see part of my room as it currently is in my post on Nordic inspiration. There are elements I like, but I still feel it’s missing something, & things that I feel need addressing are:

Carpet – This needs taking up as it’s horribly stained & many various attempts to sort it have failed. Plus, I want to bring a continuance through from the landing & other bedrooms, which all have white painted floorboards. However, the bedroom is part of an extension so has large (MDF?) boards as opposed to floorboards, and I also need to consider the ensuite bathroom. I also currently have a large rug which runs under the bed. It works in the style, but stops the bathroom door from opening fully, which isn’t really a problem, more of an annoyance. I think I’ll have to make a decision on that once the flooring is done – various options but decisions unmade!

Bed – Investing in a decent mattress made a world of difference to my sleep, but we chose a divan base which I slightly regret now. I can’t really change this but am considering possibilities such as using pallets instead, maybe creating a wrap frame or new bedskirt, or even painting the base. I’ve also been wondering about whether I could make a DIY headboard, but again, I think that will be a decision I make later on in the process.

Furniture – I have a hotch potch of furniture which I like, but a few pieces need a mini makeover just to pull it all together. I’m lucky enough to have a kind of walk-in cupboard for my wardrobe, which keeps things simple, but means I have four doors in my bedroom! I’m planning on painting out the wood skirtings & doors so this feels like a bit of a mission!

Mirrors – These are probably going to be my one investment, that or a makeover…I have a tall leaning mirror which doesn’t quite fit in style or space, and also a large round mirror, which I love, but think may work better in the bathroom. I’ll have to see later on as mirrors tend to cost (or maybe that’s just my taste!) but I love this one from Rose & Grey & also this one from Loaf.

Display – I definitely want to add some kind of shelving for display – something along these lines perhaps, but that may end the possibility of a headboard – I suspect there will be a few trips to the local DIY store either way!

Windows – This is my last decision to make. I love my sheer curtains, but do wonder if there’s another way that I can add more privacy. Perhaps a blind or heavier curtains mixed in, or whether to revert to whites.

Pinterest, as always, is great for sourcing inspiration, but I find it really helps to list out the bug bears in a room, so if you got this far, thanks for reading my waffle!

Do you have a process you go through when redecorating?


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  1. dawn

    I love those colors too 🙂 i have been a designer for seems like a zillion years … process :
    choose well functioning beautiful (to you) pieces .. work out very best layout of space .. choose focal point (typically bed in a bedroom – but not always) .. work colors out from focal point .. keep plenty of resting space for eyes .. keep background neutral .. add personality with accessories and art .. look forward to seeing how things progress .. i am currently redoing our whole lower level .. honestly too much all at once .. but we’re getting there 🙂

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