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Bathroom Inspiration

As we head firmly into spring sprucing season, I’m thinking about the changes I want to make around the house.

There’s no major refitting to be done fortunately – more adding a touch of finesse – so I’ve been gathering inspiration from Pinterest; thinking about colours in the main, but also floorings & finishes.

The first room I’m tackling is my bathroom…

Fortunately, the whiteware is in good condition, except for the bath which needs replacing as it overwhelms the space and has yellowed, making it look permanently dirty-urgh! I’ve ordered a black clawfoot bath (very similar to this, but I’m planning on painting the feet more like the one above.) I can’t wait for delivery, although it’ll be a while before I can actually get it in place.

The floor will need replacing first, which I’m pleased about as I dislike the current colour scheme, but it feels like one of the biggest decisions. I’ve been collecting wooden pallets with the idea to potentially use these to create a herringbone wooden floor, but am also rather fortunate to have friends that are renovating. They’ve just pulled up a huge space of parquét flooring and I’ve managed to swoop in & nab the blocks from the skip! #lucky

Both these plans feel so exciting, but my concern is how to keep a consistent feel from the bathroom to the bedroom as it’s ensuite, and I’m unsure whether I’ll have enough of either to do the bedroom as well. My third alternative is small hexagonal white tiles which I also like the idea of.

Colour wise, (with a permanent blush obsession) I’m loving the scheme above, aiming for more black & white with subtle touches of blush, maybe a little copper.

I’m excited to be thinking about the house again, it feels refreshing –  next up, bedroom & kitchen inspirations…

In the meantime, which floor do you think I should go for?


Posted in collaboration with Fitted Bathrooms from BettaLiving.
Images: via LawnPartyVisual \ OhHappyDay \ OneFineStay ArtHound \ Fash n Chips

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  1. Patricia Josey

    I like the contrast between the very elegant bath and the “rough” floor boards. Lots of work to achieve a smooth finish on reclaimed pallets ( I speak from experience! ) but well worth the effort when you have “time” but not necessarily the funds to get the look that is so clear in your mind. Something from nothing is always such a thrill – it’s a BIG pat on the back. Best of luck whatever you decide!

  2. dawn

    i love the idea of a wood floor in the bathroom … it warms up all the visually cold feeling of the fittings … and herringbone would give it quite a sence of style … are your bedroom floors wood or carpet as that could also be very relevant to the choice you make … looking forward to seeing your plans for your other spaces 🙂

    1. sarah-lou - Post author

      Thanks Dawn. I agree on the wood flooring. The bedroom is carpeted but I will be pulling it up. Underneath is large (MDF?) boards as it’s an extension which I’m undecided whether to paint or to try to continue the same flooring through. I also have to consider that it leads out to the landing which is old floor boards which I painted white, along with the other two bedrooms – hmmmmm! x

  3. Karen Barlow

    Love the colour choices Sarah-Lou. The black accents with the blush pink are the perfect combo of soft andfeminine and bold. Speaking purely practically, which isn’t usually me, I would go for hexagonal white tiles in the bathroom, with the reclaimed parquet in the bedroom, which would still lead nicely to the white painted floor boards in your hall? Whatever you decide, I can’t wait to see it, it looks and sounds beautiful!Good luck with the renovations x

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