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IMG_0394 The garden has had a good scrub up: pots potted with colour & the table finally refreshed so we were able to enjoy a family Father’s Day BBQ with Uncle & Grandad on Sunday…it was good, and I was so busy enjoying the moment, I forgot to get my camera out once!

D is an absolute meat man so was presented with the Pitt Cue Co. cookbook (oh, it had us all drooling!), along with the most awesome hand-drawn card & framed photobooth shots from a slow, giggly, sunday morning together…

He has a curious range of musical taste, but metal is a passion, & he’s been teaching the Bear how to rock out with style…he took this shot and I love it so much…I’m trying to get him more into photography so that I’m not always the one behind the lens…this has convinced me it’s doable!

I hope you had a sooper weekend, too. x

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  1. Sarah tanner

    I just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing you pics m’dear. Lots of happiness to share, of which there is nothing better!


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