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playroom kitchen kitchen lounge north lounge south landing hallway bedroom1 Bedroom1 Bedroom1 Bedroom2 Bedroom2 Bedroom2 Bedroom3 Bedroom3 Bedroom3 Bathroom I can’t quite believe it, but it’s about a year since I first came to see this house.

D had sent it to me in another bid to temp me move (I wasn’t keen at the time, despite not enjoying our existing place), but had dismissed it due to location (next to a very fast, busy road). I, however, was intrigued, and as you probably know by now, fell in love from the second I stepped in the door…
We arranged to come back together, and that was that. We were both in love now.

During the ups & downs that followed, I visited a number of times, more as a way of reminding myself why we were so dead set on this one and that the heartache would be worth it to us in the end…I could see every room decorated and furnished our way, hear the laughs and squeals of the Bear with space to run around, the bubbles of chatter and the quiet times of family, and feel the pleasure of friends, fun, & shared feasts. And the countryside at the back more than makes up for the cars (which we don’t even notice).

I came across these snaps recently. I took them on a later visit, when D was starting to loose the will…He was stressed with work at the time, and it was getting too much for both of us, but these photos boosted his enthusiasm, and fortunately, everything moved quite quickly after this, and we were in.

I get asked a lot whether we’ve done anything with the house yet…Well, all the walls are now white, but otherwise, not a huge amount yet. I’ll share a little of where we’re at so far soon.
We have plans, and there’s lots of potential, but finances, as ever, mean taking it slow and steady, which is no bad thing, and really, all I care about right now is that what was ‘that house’, is now very much our home.

A home filled with us & the memories we’re making.

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